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Looms & weaves Cardamom Seed Powder - 100 g

Looms & weaves Cardamom Seed Powder - 100 g

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This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Package Contents: 100 gm Alleppey Green Cardamom Seed Powder
  • We use only organically grown spices processed without the use of toxic pesticides, irradiation, or genetically engineered products. Our products are strictly grown for domestic use and not for any commercial purpose, where only the surplus is collected and traditionally processed from collection to drying to packaging. We make it powdered in traditional ways, and don’t extract any oils from our spices. We also don’t use any kind of preservatives, additives etc. on our spices.
  • Because of its strong and different aroma and sweet flavour, cardamom is widely used as a flavouring agent in desserts, beverages, sausage, vegetable dishes and savoury meat and fish recipes. In India, it is used to flavour coffee, tea, kheer, rice dishes and various curries. It is a key ingredient in Masala Chai and Garam Masala in India.
  • Minimal plastic packaging used to reduce environmental impact. Packed in food grade material. Please keep our spices in sun once in three months to get longer shelf life, as we are not treating our spices with any chemicals or preservatives.
  • Homestead spices from Western Ghats region of Kerala. Our spice is sustainably sourced from small farmers’ networks in Northern Kerala, India.

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Cardamom often referred as the queen of spices is the ripened fruit of cardamom plant. It originated in India, Bhutan, and Nepal and its cultivation is mostly concentrated in the evergreen forests of Western Ghats in India. It is widely used as a flavouring material in every kind of dishes both traditional and modern. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and muscle relaxing properties which promotes heart health, helps to fight against asthma, stimulates metabolism, prevents bad breath, and enhances oral health. Essential oils present in cardamom helps remove blemishes and improves complexion. Its antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties help to treat skin allergies. Cardamom can be used as natural toner which fights against premature ageing. The essential oils present in cardamom helps to reduce the amount of acidity in your stomach. Regular use of cardamom tea gives you healthy and shiny hair. Other main benefits of sing cardamom 1.Cardamom is used for cough and cold 2.Cardamom is a good agent for digestion 3.Usage of cardamom prevents bad breath 4.Lowers high blood pressure 5.Use f cardamom boosts blood circulation 6.Regulates your blood sugar levels 7.Cardamom is widely used for weight loss. Cardamom boosts energy metabolism and helps the body burn more fat efficiently. 8.Cardamom is also used for treating sleep related issues: Inhaling the sweet and soothing aroma of essential oil in cardamom may help in treating sleep issues such as insomnia, restlessness and anxiety. 9.Use of Cardamom balances the doshas: According to Ayurveda, cardamom is an important spice which is also called tridoshic that means it helps in balancing all the three doshas - Vatta, Pitta and Kapha in human body.

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